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I dated Pastor Yiga for 8 years, he was the best ‘husband”- Nabbi Omukazi


Maggie Kayima alias Nabbi Omukazi has revealed that she will never find any other spouse better than deceased Pastor Augustine Yiga.

Nabbi Omukazi who says she was in a love relationship with Pastor Yiga who was also her shepherd at Revival Ministries church in Kawaala, made the statements in an interview with NBS TV’s uncut.

Nabbi Omukazi who bitterly fell out with the deceased arrived at the church in the company of security personnel but claimed that has been the case whenever she steps out of her house.

She said that she was naturally connected to Pastor Yiga who loved music so much.

“He would play the guitar, so would I. He would sing so would I, he would also compose and I would sing, so the connection came. We were best friends, and I have not found anyone else like him,” she said.

“Yiga was my boyfriend for 8 years, but we disagreed on a few issues. We could not be together anymore for such reasons,” she added.

Nabbi Omukazi says they have had a rocky relationship but previously they agreed to work together again.

“We had just talked recently and agreed to work on a few things together. We have our band, the TV, etc., so by the time he died we had agreed to work together,” she said.

She said that the relationship they had did not bring forth any children, but they had tried for three years.

“I tried for three years and got miscarried three times, he advised that we abandon the process for some time and would try again at a later stage. He said he was not going anywhere after all,” she confirmed.

In 2017, Nabbi Omukazi warned Pastor Yiga against making her a topic in his summons. She said she would fight back in a nasty way.

Nabbi Omukazi claimed she had survived AIDs despite being with Pastor Yiga for years.

“If I managed to survive Aids after being with someone (Yiga) for eight years, you tried to put me down with your “kalondoozi” videos but it still failed. I recently survived a nasty accident, which was much worse. If I survived all of that, you ought to leave me alone because I am not your level. Never joke with an anointed person.”


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