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Mbonye takes anti-Covid-19 gospel to BBC, says pandemic should not kill the spirit to assemble


The leader of Zoe Ministries, Prophet Elvis Mbonye, has insisted that places of worship should be allowed to open amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

In an interview with BBC’s Allan Kasujja, today on the Newsday programme, Mbonye said whatever the hardships, people should not fear to assemble.

He said: “The scripture said you should not forsake the assembling together. When you come together and assemble together there are certain prophecies [that you realize].”

Asked whether congregating together would not lead to further spread of the virus, Mbonye said that view can only be held by people who have no faith in God.

“The Apostle Paul says if I am a fool for God, so be it. When you are a person of faith, your faith speaks for you in all situations,” he said.

Mbonye told BBC that Uganda should go the Tanzania way and fully open up the country.

“I disagree 100% with how government has handled the Covid-19 [in relation to places of worship]. I don’t dispute the existence of Covid-19 but faith never changes. I would say that our motto says For God and My Country and not for Science and My Country.”

This is the second time this month that Mbonye has been outspoken on the issue of allowing religious places to operate even when the country is grappling with Covid-19.

Early this month, Mbonye said the Covid-19 pandemic had exposed the hollowness of some preachers who decided to embrace the so called new normal and abandoned the world as created by God.

He said that some preachers had easily bought into the new normal where holding virtual functions is emphasised ahead of physical assembling. In the process, he said, they have abandoned the world of God.

“We are living in strange days. Preachers who once spoke passionately and seemingly fondly about Jesus are now with the same passion and fondness speaking about Covid-19. Covid-19 has taken up the place where Jesus was in their lives and now their world, their thoughts, their plans, attitudes revolve around Covid-19 no longer Jesus. So you see they have got a new lord called Covid-19 while Jesus and the conviction that they seemingly had about him is long gone,” he said.




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