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Bobi Wine accuses Museveni of masterminding his woes


Kyadondo East Member of Parliament and presidential aspirant, Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine has accused President Museveni of sponsoring his recent woes.

Recently, lawyer Mabirizi dragged Kyagulanyi to court over falsification of his age and academic documents but on Thursday, one Moses Nkonge Kibalama, the founding president of the National Unity Reconciliation and Development Party-NURP which later metamorphosed into the National Unity Platform said he was duped into handing over the party to the legislator.

On Friday, the Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala was told that Kibalama has since changed his affidavit and says Kyagulanyi illegally took over leadership of the National Unity Party since there was no formal delegates conference as had been alleged earlier.

Speaking at court on Friday, Kyagulanyi said a number of schemes have been sponsored against him but said they will not put him down.

“Museveni is doing everything possible to see that I don’t appear on the 2021 ballot paper. He has sponsored lawyers challenging my age and academic documents. They have bought everyone near me and the latest is Kibalama but I nothing will stop me from appearing on the 2021 ballot paper,” Kyagulanyi said.

In a video that made rounds on social media on Thursday, Kibalama said he made a number of mistakes in transferring the party to Bobi, including accepting certain promises without double thinking.

“Of course when someone turns up with an offer as good as $5m anybody would go with it. That is how we fell into the trap, it was a good promise and we hoped so, but since we had not worked with this group we did not know them until we got closer and saw for ourselves,” Kibalama claimed.

However, speaking on Friday at court, Kyagulanyi insisted that Kibalama was forced to make the statements quoted by the media.

“I watched the video with disbelief but I know he was under duress. The issue of promising him money is utter rubbish but all is meant to ensure our supporters cast doubt in us. We shall not bow down.”

Since coming to the political scene in 2017, Kyagulanyi has faced a number of hurdles most of which he insists are sponsored by the state to curtail his fast rising political career.


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