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UPDF calls for calm as operation to re arrest prisoners who escaped continues


The Uganda People’s Defence Forces, has said the operation to pursue the prisoners who escaped from Moroto prison continues.

The statement comes after 219 prisoners managed to escape into Mount Moroto after attacking the prison warders and grabbing 14 guns from them.

According to the UPDF spokesperson, Brig Flavia Byekwaso, the effort to re-arrest them and restore order in the area is ongoing.

“The operation by UPDF to pursue the escapees and recover the stolen guns continues. The population therefore is advised to stay calm,”said Byekwaso.

The incident is reported to have happened at about 4:00 pm on September 16.

According to Frank Mbaine, the prisons spokesperson, the majority of the escapees from Moroto Prison are cattle raiders.

He said 219 prisoners escaped, seven were recaptured and two were put out of action.

“They overpowered the gatekeeper and headed for the armoury. Karamoja is not an easy place to operate. The Karamojong are very well coordinated. Once they get an opportunity they grab it,” said.

He said escapees are struggling to escape to Kenya noting that there must have been some human error in managing the gate.

One soldier was killed in the fire exchange between security forces and the escapees.

The prison holds more than 2000 inmates including those serving long sentences on serious and capital offences

Moroto is no stranger to such events,in March 2008, seven prisoners were shot to and injured after a daring attempt of escaping from Moroto Prison. The group had been 12 in number before 8 were shot in the escape attempt.

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