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Makerere University to open in October for six weeks to complete semester, but online


Makerere University will complete the six weeks’ balance that was left on the semester through digital learning under the Open, Distance, and E-Learning mode (ODEL).

According to a circular from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Mr. Umar Kakumba, the process is expected to start on October 5 and will encompass all colleges.

Kakumba says that the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) has authorized the implementation of the program.

“Therefore, a tentative roadmap has been drawn to guide the process of resuming the teaching and learning effective October 5, 2020, under the emergency ODEL mode,” the circular reads.

The circular continues to advise different departments to note that the semester was only 6 weeks to its conclusion, including issuing and receiving coursework and writing examinations.

Mr. Kakumba, therefore, calls upon different colleges to convene their academic boards for purposes of planning “for the resumption of teaching and learning activities under the emergency ODEL mode and agreeing on modalities of covering any remaining course content”.

Different colleges and departments will also use the time before October 5 to develop schedules and contact respective students for sensitization and preparation on requirements for the e-learning process.

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