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Socialite Sipapa allegedly stirs chaos at NUP offices; throws cash at youth, shoots at party gate (Video)


Socialite Charles Olim alias Sipapa yesterday stirred chaos in Kamwokya and at the National Unity Platform offices requiring police to fire teargas and disperse crowds that had turned rowdy.

Sipapa, reportedly appeared at a washing bay in Kamwokya donning yellow overalls and escorted by youth waving huge NRM flags.

He then gathered groups and started distributing cash which he called ‘support’ for the youth in their activities.

However, trouble ensued when the socialite met resistance from some pro- National Unity Platform (NUP) youth who insisted on engaging him and pushing him away.

Police were on call to intervene and they fired teargas to disperse the crowd that was turning chaotic.

According to Sipapa he had gone to visit Radio Simba in Bukoto but took a stroll to Kamwokya to support the youth.

“The Kamwokya youth are our people, I wanted to give them jet car washers, some more machines, and uniforms for their washing bays. I will come back when they call me. I am also supporting other youth elsewhere,” Sipapa claimed.

“I have a right to come to Kamwokya whenever I want because it is me who promised the youth and I can always come whenever I have something for them,” he added.

Sipapa claims it is not true that he causes chaos deliberately whenever he goes to Kamwokya.

“That is a road for everyone, I can pass there when I want. Have u seen any NUP member being barred from using Kololo roads?” he posed.

However, NUP publicist Joel Ssenyonyi claims that Sipapa has made it a habit of causing chaos and threatening supporters of NUP.

“This evening, the fellow who drives this car came for the second time around NUP offices in Kamwokya, provoked the youth there, shot at our gate, and injured someone,” he said.

“Police came to escort him and not to arrest him. Uganda Police is Sipapa one of your operatives, and is he above the law?? he added.

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