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Seven things you should never post about your relationship on social media


Thanks to social media, we’re all like celebrities in a sense, at least as far as our social networking circles go. Like public figures, we have to be careful about the information that we expose, especially concerning our relationships. Here are seven things you should ever share about your relationship on social media

When you’re frustrated and at your wit’s end from beefing with your partner, it can feel tempting to lash out publicly, sometimes even on social media. Of course, it’s always a good idea to practice self-restraint in these instances. The world doesn’t need to know when you’re experiencing turbulence in your relationship.

Your sex life
Whether it’s the best you’ve ever had or deeply unfulfilling, it’s probably best not to discuss your sex life on your social media accounts. For one, most people don’t want to hear about it and two, it can make others highly uncomfortable — including your partner.

Your finances
Whether you’re balling or you’re struggling, social media is not the place to distribute reports on the financial health of your relationship. First, it’s tacky. Further, it provides people with way more information than they actually need about you.

Some photos
It’s pretty easy to forget about some of the people on your lengthy friend list. Tasha from accounting may not post often, but she’s still lurking. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that not every photo is meant to be shared with your social circles.

About the exes
It’s best to leave the past in the rearview and refrain from discussing or addressing either of your exes on social media. Even when the exes are doing the absolute most, keep it cute and ignore them.

About infidelity
Whether a transgression was committed by you or your partner, it’s almost never a good idea to disclose this information on social media. Putting a cheating partner on blast may feel good momentarily, but you will likely come to regret it

About your in-laws
We all know that in-laws will try you and test your patience in ways that few people can. Still, it’s a good idea to refrain from speaking negatively about your partner’s family on social media. In addition to making your partner feel bad and adding fire to the flame, it’s better to handle these issues behind the scenes and without an audience of messy onlookers.

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