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This Tiny Sponge Is a Super Soaker


Singapore’s Carbon Fiber Aerogel is no ordinary sponge. It’s a super sponge capable of soaking up organic material like oil and fat from water. The sponge absorbs 190 times its weight in waste, contaminants and microplastics—it might even be used to clean up offshore oil spills in the future. With urbanization and global warming, much of the world today lives in areas of high water stress. Creating technologies that can clean waste water on a mass scale are more important than ever. Andre Stolz, CEO and co-founder of Singapore’s EcoWorth Tech, shows us how this reusable sponge is made and explains why it’s so amazingly absorbent.

NOTE: This story was filmed prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Great Big Story encourages everyone to stay safe and continue to social distance.

This Great Big Story was made possible by Singapore Tourism Board, Enterprise Singapore, and the Singapore Economic Development Board.

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