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Sex: Does the size matter?



Ha! I know. The cliché article that every sex therapist has written. The one question that every man whose manhood has been attacked by the ex asks.

I have had women stoop so low to discuss their boyfriend’s manhood after they have broken up like it is the one thing that took them to the relationship in the first place.

A woman will even convince herself that even if they had a big one, they didn’t know how to use it. They will find all the nonsense they can around his manhood to make him feel undesirable

So, does the size really matter? No, it doesn’t.

Ever seen a farmer say that the small hoe does all the magic? Ever noticed that some farmers will prefer the small hoe to do the work than the new big hoe?

Sex is about two people. Sometimes it is not even about the size of his stick, but the fact that you as stiff as the same stick when it wants some. That waist had better be wiggling when the rod is in there.

Sometimes the women are so bad in bed that even if the stick were nine inches, it would never do the work that it is supposed to do.

As much as we want to pretend that sex is about the man wanting to satisfy himself, you better put in the work to enjoy the act as a woman.

Ever had the joke that when he is busy trying to cum, what are you doing to help yourself? It is not a joke. Put in the work and forget the illusion of the size.

No matter how small the stick is, all that matters is the skill that comes with it. All that matters at the end of the day is how best he can use it to stroke that particular place that gets us in the mood.

With women, orgasm is more on the outside than it will ever be on the inside. When a man has mastered the art of choochkie, even something as small as his index finger will get you home.

The whole idea of size is an illusion that should never discourage any man from shooting his shot.

I also know of women who have run out of relationships because the stick was just too BIG. I guess that is why men still ponder about what women really want.

Women want you to be able to use your micro sim to store as much data as you can. Women want you to know the right places to touch and to make them go gaga.

Women also know that the size doesn’t matter and that it’s all about how best you get her ready and how she really feels about you. Like I said, even an index finger will do if it knows the right walls to hit.

Women must also understand that sometimes the parking lot is just too big for a Vitz. Read that again.

Before you complain about his size, how wide is that choochkie? And don’t start with the vibe of after giving birth, it gave way. Ever heard of kegels?

Till next week, let’s make love.

MISS D is a love counsellor and sex therapist


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