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I am running mad -Big Eye cries out for help after NRM failing to pay him


City cry baby Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye has disclosed that he is about to run mad after failing to get financial help from President Yoweri Museveni.

A month back Big Eye, threatened to sue the President and the ruling party NRM for allegedly failing to pay him Shs270 million that he worked for during  the 2011 general election campaigns.

He said he had a debt of over Shs400 million and he badly needed money to pay it off which prompted him to remind Museveni about the unsettled balance.

“I demand Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the chairman of the National Resistance Movement. I worked for the president in 2011 when he was contesting for presidency. I was one of the people who campaigned for hi. I used to sing on his rallies but I was never paid,” Big Eye said through his lawyers.

He gave the President 14days to respond to his legal action. However, to his dismay, the 14days ended without hearing from Museveni.

This left Big Eye disappointed and since them he has been stressed, cursing the ruling party and its chairperson by accusing them of abandoning him in the time he needs them most.

On Saturday the singer came out and disclosed that he is about to run man because of stress and needed help from a professional counselor.

“I need a good counselor for a serious counseling otherwise my situation and stress will lead me to so many mistakes. A good boy for many years is turning into a bad boy,” Big Eye posted on his social media page.

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