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37 year old man burnt to death for raping a goat


Andrew Kawooya a resident of Kasheshe Village, Kigaragara Parish was burnt to death by residents. According to the residents, the 37 year old was caught red-handed having intercourse with a goat on Saturday evening.

The deceased was allegedly seen by a person passing by who called some neighbors who found him in the act of raping a goat.

Kawooya pleaded for his life as he claimed that he  was trying to save the goat from dying  as it’s rope was tangled all over it .

However residents showed every one the back of the goat which had a lot of semen and blood

“He had blood on himself, his trousers and the penis was still releasing semen,” said an eye witness.

The angry residents took the law in their hands and burnt Kawooya with plastic jerrycans.

By the time Police was called Kawooya  was already dead.

Mob justice is against the laws of Uganda and Police discourages it.

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