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BadBlack goes hard on Bryan White again


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By Stuart G-Khast

With evolving Ugandan music comes new evolving acts and entrants everyday. New singers seek to level up the Ugandan sound to better sounds worldwide and diaspora based singers $AM, Bix Banana, Dream Bouy and Bignani are aimed exactly at that. Having been in the industry for sometime, they now seek music Independence and limelight together in a collaboration.

The 4 singers in their latest project “Kinkolere” preach love and perfect love at that. The track holds a message of empowerment for the youth and unity amongst each other especially during these hard times. $AM’s vision is to take Ugandan music to an international scene because he believe his homeland is blessed with alot of music talent. The audio was produced by Artin pro and the video will be released on the 7th of August according to sources within their camp. Kinkolera upon release will be distributed by East African Records.

Who are these artistes?


$AM was born Bayi samir ismail and is HipHop artiste based in Italy. $AM was born in Libya in 1996 to a South Sudanese father and Moroccan Mother. He then was raised in Kisenyi in Uganda where he grew passion for soccer and music. In 2011 aged 15, he left Uganda for Italy where he further persued his passion for music. While in Italy, he formed a HipHop duo the “Z.$ Gang” with his Moroccan brother Aka “ZO7” Mixing up Both Italian And The English Language To Which They Made Hit Songs like Swagg, Afro To Eu, Can’t Stop, Wavey, 24/7 among many othetsy. Many More Others). $AM believes that diversity in music genres is the most amazing thing, when different music cultures blend together they form magic. At the beginning of the year 2020 $AM came back home in Uganda after 9 years of being away and hoped in the studio right away with his hood brothers and made a song entitled “KINKOLERE” with Ugandan audio producer Artin pro.

Bix Banana:

Bix banaana Born as Israel Mudidi born in Kampala Uganda is a dancehall/reggae Ugandan artiste with a unique style and capacity of singing in 3 different lingos from Luganda, English and Patois. His debut song Kyadondo where he talks about his neighbourhood opened doors for him into the music industry with big impressions from his people and ever since then he’s been letting out amazing music, songs the like of Bamweyana, wah we gonna do and mpa ku sente which add up to his amazing catalogue of music..although he’s still on the up rise Israel has been in the music game for a while and his experience and approach towards music makes him more hungry and willing  to conquer even more till he tops the charts.

Dream Bouy:

Mutyaba vincent Also known as “Dreambouy” is a focused Ugandan vocalist who has done some impressive work that has attracted lots of attention to him. He started up in the slums of kamwokya in the city of Kampala, Uganda. He used to sing as a back up singer in dream studios one of the legendary studios in kampala where he made major collaboration with artistes such as Mikey Wine. He later signed to VJ Junior productions and lastly passed to Carl’s art’s limited where he did hit song along side major artist song such as “sonda” featuring weasle from the dynamic dual radio&weasle and samanya featuring nina roz he’s a very.. dreambuoy is a very ambitious and creative mind who’s hungry and always searching for more he’s already got something cooking with artistes like Navio and Daddy Andre.

Big Nani:

Extra Ordinary Dancehall artiste Bignani Afrika says his music represents everything that society is afraid of and society represents everything that he is afraid of. Bignani Afrika comes to the fore with a bundle of hardcore rhymes, killer hooks and slick production, and undoubtedly one of the “Baddest” lyricist.

Describing himself as an ‘in di streets yute’, , #RealDanceBoss #AfrikanBreed1 …., Bignani Afrka, whose real name is Walugembe Sulaiman, was born in 1996 ‘under the clock’ in Kampala at the Mulago Hospital. 

Bignani Afrika”s first attempt at committing lyrics to paper was age 12, and by 16 he was already recording and producing his own records. Oxford Muslim High School , where he completed his high school studies, Bignani Afrika balanced school and the groundwork of a solo career by recording music in and around local studios whenever he goes.

Bignani Afrika is a major PEACE enthusiast and in addition to loving “LIFE” and his music he lists fashion, fishing, reading and writing among his passions. 

His personal style is not that of a typical artiste, but one with a sort of urban edgy with a twist hardcore appeal. One he dubs as Dancehall meets urban DanceRagga culture.

Watch Kinkolera teaser here

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